Our Values

At Konica Minolta we work together in partnership with customers to find solutions to help their business grow.


Our vision is to be a global company that is vital to society, and that is innovative, robust and constantly evolving. What sets us apart is our people. We’re flexible and committed to working with customers to find ways to enhance both their work and life. We are a company that cares, with a global and local commitment to enhance the quality of life and our environment.
- Dr David Cooke, Managing Director

Our 6 values

  1. Open and Honest
    We talk straight by being honest, respectful, direct and positive with one-another and our customers.
  2. Customer-centric
    We put ourselves in our customers’ shoes and strive to excel with every interaction.
  3. Innovative
    We never give up exploring new ideas and solutions to satisfy our customers.
  4. Passionate
    We constantly challenge the norm, stand up for what is right and have courage to be honest and transparent.
  5. Inclusive and Collaborative
    We work together and support one-another.
  6. Accountable
    We do what we say we will do.


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