Carbon Neutral Environmental Program for Production Print Machines

The future of our planet is the responsibility of today’s society. Environmental measures such as the Carbon Neutral Machine Program also offers you a great way to stand out from the crowd. 

Konica Minolta’s Carbon Neutral Machine Program allows you to add to the environmental certification of your business, by supplying carbon neutral credits for the manufacture and supply of materials associated with your production print machine1. In addition, these credits are supplied for the 5-year product lifecycle of your machine.

While the use of Konica Minolta’s Production Print Machine Program contributes to the reduction of CO2emission during operation, in cases where reduction of emissions to zero is not possible, Konica Minolta provides carbon neutral products that help offset the remaining CO2 emissions. Our efforts to implement such undertakings on a global scale reflect or commitment to a sustainable earth and society.

Benefits of the Carbon Neutral Machine Program

  • Making your clients aware that you use an eco-friendly production print system for printing will enhance your brand awareness and penetration as an environmentally-advanced company, giving you differentiation from your competitors

  • Attract clients with a high level of environmental awareness at the procurement stage, for example, government offices and leading companies that have already introduced the Green Procurement Program.

Integrate the Certification into your Business

Display - The Program allows you to be able to display the certification logo to promote your contribution to a greener planet. The certificate is issued by the Carbon Free Consulting Corporation, an independent organization that warrants “transparency that Konica Minolta suitably utilises emissions credits (CER) it possesses and applies the carbon offset program to production print machines purchased by its customers”. 

Promote - The Carbon Neutral Mark and Logo can be used. The client can display the Carbon Neutral Machine” logo sticker on the production print machine purchased. Publicise your credentials on your company stationery. Write articles for your blog, website or web shop. Publish press releases and create a brochure on climate protection. 


What is Carbon Offset (Neutral)?

Prevention of global warming is one of the biggest issues we face today and requires action on a global scale. Under the banner of its long term vision on ecology, “Eco-vision 2050”, Konica Minolta is tackling environmental issues as a company-wide commitment and is proactively promoting undertakings to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases including CO2. In addition, as a step forward in these undertakings, we are also promoting involvement in the Carbon Offset Program.

The Carbon Offset Program is one initiative to reduce global warming by offsetting part of or all of the remaining amount of greenhouse gasses such as CO2 that are inevitably produced by company activities and cannot be totally eliminated. Initiatives such as products, services and events based on the Carbon Offset Program are increasing year after year and are attracting attention as a means for citizens, companies and local governments to proactively contribute to the alleviation of global warming.

The Carbon Neutral Machine Program uses calculated life cycle values on each Production Print model. These calculations are converted into carbon neutral credits which are utilised to reduce C02 emissions using a CER certified program. 


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