Solutions for Accounts Payable

Minimise processing delay and avoid the month-end crunch with Konica Minolta’s accounts payable automation solutions. See how our time-saving tools can simplify invoicing for your business and save you money.

Reduce costs and improve profitability

We offer industry-leading Enterprise Content Management solutions to meet the demands of all kinds of Accounts Payable challenges. From satisfying vendor demands, to meeting increasingly stringent financial controls, much depends on the success and efficiency of the AP team.

Leverage intelligent software and existing vendor information to automate document indexing and trigger electronic workflow. Skip the manual keying in of invoice information and find the documents you need easily.

Do you know how much your invoice processing costs?
Enter the average number of invoices you process each month and discover how much you could save with Accounts Payable Automation*.
You could save up to $xxx
Cost per year before automation
Cost per year after automation

Interested in learning how your organisation could make these savings?

*Assumptions made in this calculation:

  1. Typically only 80 percent of invoices can be processed automatically.
  2. Automated invoice processing is 50% cheaper than manual processing (This is a conservative estimate, Aberdeen estimates savings could be 80%).
  3. The median manual processing cost is $7.75 per invoice.

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Increase visibility and gain real-time information

Let us solve your information-intensive process challenges with invoice process automation. Accounts Payable departments often face the challenge of an ever-increasing information workload and various document formats, whilst having little power to reduce operational costs or increase productivity.

Increase productivity

Our Accounts Payable automation solutions enable you to manage processes more efficiently with the power of technology. Capture paperwork and data in all forms, automatically coding information and routing it for approval. It integrates seamlessly into your finance system, retaining data in a secure central archive for fast, error-free access.

*Calculations based on industry averages provided by and average savings data provided by Aberdeen group
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