Konica Minolta
Sandra Arico
Head of Innovation,
Swisse Wellness
Sandra Arico
Head of Innovation,
Swisse Wellness
What is Sandra’s innovation & ideation framework?

Meet Sandra Arico

Sandra was a young woman on a fast and bright career track when she decided to leave corporate life and test herself in some very extreme conditions. Find out how a decision to go from having it all to having almost nothing developed Sandra as one of the most exciting young minds in the Australian business landscape today.


Sandra Arico represents the new generation of leaders. She is described as an enabler, a connector and a change catalyst. Having learnt from and been influential within Deloitte Digital, the CSIRO and RMIT University on her path to Head of Innovation at Swisse Wellness, Sandra has a great perspective on nurturing creative yet practical mindsets across industry sectors. She reveals that it was her year living in a Guatemalan jungle that brought a clarity to her resourcefulness and a quirky capacity to join the dots. But Sandra believes everyone has the capacity to innovate because we can all play a role by being our unique selves and connecting our own experiences and ideas in new ways.

Sandra is very clear that innovation is not just for special people who are working in certain environments. She firmly believes anyone can contribute if they open their minds to connecting concepts or people that aren’t usually aligned. Think cooking and putting ingredients together to create exciting fusions – Japanese Tapas anyone?

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