By Konica Minolta 05 Feb 2016

A Guide to Enterprise Content Management (ECM)


Join us on a fascinating journey throughout the ages.

We trace the history of document management from its earliest beginnings

Did you know that today with the rapid growth of unstructured content, 62% of organisations are struggling to manage their documents, electronic information and related processes? 

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions have proven ability in streamlining operations to increase your responsiveness to staff and customer needs. According to AIIM research, 14% of organisations have completed enterprise-wide ECM implementations, with a further 28% in the process of doing so.

Our wide range of ECM solutions can help you to:

  • Control your growing volume of content
  • Deliver easy access to staff securely via your intranet and external website
  • Reduce the cost of managing it and improve admin productivity 
  • Mitigate information security risks and support compliance

Find out how we can benefit and help your business grow.



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