By Konica Minolta 03 Sep 2015

Why more businesses are getting a health check, and you should too

Organisations of all sizes continue to face various challenges in today’s economic environment. Automation can play a leading role in reducing both manufacturing and other operational costs, since it reduces the amount of time needed to complete routine tasks. Organisations must also find ways to manage workers more effectively for maximum value. 

Do you know where to start?

You probably know you need to do more with less but you might not know where to start. With so many potential areas to consider, there is plenty of opportunity for improvement.

One of the most effective ways to get both short- and long-term gains is to review your document management and printing processes. While often ‘invisible’, these processes can cost your business a lot of money, and are usually relatively easy to fix.

You can quickly and easily improve your document management and printing processes, and become smarter and more efficient, through simplified workflow. The benefits include better knowledge management, reduced human error through automated processes, and significantly lower costs.

Most businesses don’t know what they don’t know: could this be you?

Documents are a vital part of any business but they could also be choking your productivity and efficiency. Documents, while essential and unavoidable, can only add value to your business if they are easy to create, find, edit, approve, retain and print.

Worryingly, many business owners and managers are not even aware of the costs of ineffective document management and print processes within the business.

When employees are used to working with outdated or manual systems, the costs are not immediately apparent. A quick audit of a company’s document management processes, however, can usually pinpoint at least half a dozen areas where improvement would deliver immediate cost savings.

Most companies can benefit significantly from taking a more strategic approach to print and document management infrastructure. This includes better document handling and digitisation, process automation, and printer fleet management. When these three elements are in place, you can realise significant benefits.

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