By Konica Minolta 26 Oct 2011

Macquarie Lighthouse Press

Konica Minolta delivers on what it promises. On campus, or off.

For a Central Reprographic Department (CRD) operator, reliability is a key consideration. At the busy Macquarie Lighthouse Press, Macquarie University's printing arm, Konica Minolta's bizhub PRO family of presses have delivered not only reliability, but also productivity and performance.

Servicing the requirements of university students and academic staff in addition to the printing needs of commercial and community clients keeps Macquarie University Lighthouse Press very busy.

Manager of Macquarie Lighthouse Press, John Cason, said: "We have tight and demanding deadlines that must be met – we have busy periods before the start of each semester where we can be printing up to 12 million pages over two months."

After using a supplier where the productivity of the devices became 'abysmal' and technicians were being called in every day during the busy months, John did his own research and spoke to contacts who pointed him in the direction of Konica Minolta.

"I contacted some of Konica Minolta's clients, and was assured they could deliver what we needed," he said.

Based on Macquarie Lighthouse Press' needs, Konica Minolta recommended the bizhub PRO 1050, a reliable and productive machine offering speed and versatility.

John was delighted with the capabilities of the bizhub PRO 1050 and later purchased three more machines as well as one bizhub PRO C6500. Most recently he upgraded his PRO 1050s to bizhub PRO 1200s and immediately noticed significantly higher levels in quality and performance. The bizhub PRO 1200 is perfect for University digital print jobs, with an extremely high output rate of 120 pages per minute.

John commented: "The print run is excellent and produces the highest quality black and white results on the market. Most of all though we're impressed by the productivity of the machines and the cost savings, which have been enormous.

"The most exciting development since adding Konica Minolta to our print production mix was being able to transfer our booklet making service online. The online sector is continuously growing and we are sourcing more and more work in this area. We will require further product as this arm of the business grows and have no hesitations that we will be choosing Konica Minolta as the supplier.

"The service is excellent and they are very easy to deal with. When they say 'two hour call out' they actually mean it, we are never left in the lurch," John said.

For Macquarie Lighthouse Press, this new partnership has turned around their business. Academic staff have noticed that not only are jobs always on time, but the quality of the end product has also improved.

It's an improvement in quality that has been recognised outside the University too, as Macquarie Lighthouse Press recently won a Network of In-house Print Professional Australasia (NIPPA) Bronze Award for digital printing.


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