By Konica Minolta 29 May 2013

Torch Publishing

Torch Publishing impresses with its first class colour quality

Snapshot Overview

Torch Publishing is responsible for the printing and production of many publications across Sydney. It has been servicing the publishing industry for over 90 years. During its many years of experience it has developed a business that employs many full time and casual staff operating state of the art printing presses and computer systems.

The Challenge

Konica Minolta and Torch Publishing have been in a partnership since December of 2010. Prior to their collaboration with Konica Minolta, the company had to outsource a lot of the material to meet project requirements. This inconvenience was costing the company thousands of dollars a year. Their existing equipment was not an economical option, so Torch Publishing approached Konica Minolta for a solution. The current economic climate requires companies to re-evaluate their operating systems and look for a more cost efficient and energy saving option.

The Solution

Torch Publishing resolved its printing hassles with the purchase of a Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS C6000 Professional. The speed and quality of the work produced by the business increased immediately. Torch Publishing compared the cost of their existing equipment with the cost of Konica Minolta's products and found it was saving hundreds of dollars a week using the C6000.

Kim Kohen, Group Pre-Press Manager at Torch Publishing said one of the biggest differences he saw in the C6000 was the ability to pick up and hold the job in the machine’s RIP and make changes to it during production. This allows Kohen to change the paper stock and perform other tasks, while it's still being held. "It's the one thing our previous machine couldn't do as it didn't have a true RIP," he said.

The Result

Torch Publishing has seen a significant economic benefit from its bizhub PRESS C6000 purchase. It has opened up a lot of opportunities, allowing the company to venture into additional business ideas. Torch Publishing now has the ability to up-sell additional projects to its customers through using the different features of the machine. This in turn opens up new markets with existing clients, expanding Torch’s capabilities and improving the bottom line.

The impressive quality of the finished products from the C6000 has been admired by the Torch Publishing staff as well as its customers. "Customers are constantly blown away with the quality of the colour and the price," said Mr Kohen.

The team at Torch Publishing also recognise and appreciate the quality of the customer service provided by Konica Minolta, described as "First class!" by Mr Kohen. "The technicians work really long hours, which is imperative for our business as having a machine fixed in a timely manner allows us to continue to deliver for our clients," he said.

Over the short period Torch Publishing have been working with Konica Minolta, it has already proven to be a sound economical investment for the company.

According to Cec Parnell Sponge Agency Creative Director, "As a creative team we pride ourselves on continuously looking for ways to bring to life the artistic elements of our campaigns. We rely on our Konica Minolta bizhub C280 printer to deliver realistic colour reproduction, particularly with when it comes to skin tones and cool and warms greys. Konica Minolta was able to provide an imaging solution that integrates with our Mac technology and graphic design programs including InDesign."


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