People Giving Shape to Ideas - Demystifying Innovation & Digital Transformation


The tools for digital transformation are, to a large extent, already here – from collaboration platforms to robotics and 3D printing. But how do we navigate towards a culture of innovation and a sustainable future. And what is innovation anyway?

To find out, we’ve gone to the frontline and talked to people that are agents for change in their own organisations.  The result is an inspiring and thought-provoking series of stories that explore what innovation really means, beyond the jargon and hype.

The Innovators Series is dedicated to real people who commit their time and talent to giving shape to ideas.

Their lived experience offers a very personal insight into how they act as catalysts that help fresh thinking to bubble up in their organisations, and the processes for taking new ideas into action. They demystify jargon and give valuable tips on how to confidently grasp creativity and the benefits of positive change. The buzzwords of flexibility, agility and collaboration are framed in practical terms.

This series will be valuable reading for anyone who is curious and wants to know: 

  • What is innovation in the real world, what do you have to do to make it succeed?

  • What sort of person do you look for to help identify the innovation needed in your organisation and to drive its adoption?

  • How do you create the right culture to get cut through and have impact?

  • What’s needed from leadership?

  • How do you engage and nurture organic energy – across the organisation -and connect fresh thinkers to subject matter experts in the business?

  • How do you instil new mindsets that enable agility and creative leadership?

Come and meet the Innovators.

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