The revolution in 3D printing advanced photopolymer materials


Long lasting performance with speed and accuracy

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Photopolymer 3D printing has been in use for over 25 years, delivering great value through speed and accuracy. However, due to limitations in material performance and longevity, this technology has primarily been used for design prototyping only.

Konica Minolta is excited to partner with 3D systems in the efforts to expand the role of photopolymer 3D printing, and combine the speed, accuracy, and surface finish of its technology with materials that deliver long-lasting performance. This ground breaking 3D printing solution, including platform, software, and new material chemistries, offers a revolution in performance, productivity, and addressable applications.

Key takeaways

  • The historical challenge of photopolymer materials
  • High speed, projector-based 3D printing
  • Achieving parts with long-lasting mechanical performance & stability
  • The latest production-capable materials & industry/application uses

Hear from our experts

Martin Johnson: Technical Fellow at 3D Systems, with expertise in driving new innovative production plastic materials and engineering approaches to the Figure 4®, SLA, and SLS technologies.


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