Production Composite Printer

FX20 is the biggest, fastest, smartest printer in the Markforged lineup. Engineered to deliver maximum strength, accuracy, and consistency, FX20 produces mission-critical parts for the most demanding applications, from the factory floor to the skies and beyond. Replace long lead-time metals with high-temperature thermoplastics and continuous fiber reinforced composites— with FX20 and the cloud-connected, continuously learning Digital Forge platform, globally distributed production at the click of a button is now a reality


Key features

Production-grade printer
5x larger build chamber than any other Markforged machine.
Unmatched Performace
Breakthrough reliability, high-speed printing without sacrificing quality and simple user experience
Plastic - Onyx, ULTEM™ 9085 Filament | Fibre - Carbon Fibre, Fibreglass, Aramid Fiber, Kevlar™, HSHT Fibreglass
Ease to use
Start builds, monitor machine status, and perform maintenance all in one place through the Digital Forge platform.
Other features:
  • Massive Builds, Faster: FX20 pairs size and throughput to make significantly larger parts at incredible speeds. The FX20 build chamber is nearly 5x larger than any other Markforged machine. And its completely redesigned motion and extrusion systems enable high-speed printing without sacrificing quality.
  • From Factory to Flight FX20: extends the transformational benefits of The Digital Forge to new applications and industries. It was built to produce everything from performance tooling and fixtures to flight-ready production parts. For the first time, Markforged users can reinforce ULTEM™ 9085 Filament parts with CFR technology — bringing high-strength 3D printed composites to even more demanding applications.
  • Production-Ready Performance: FX20 is a precise, sensor-driven machine that delivers breakthrough reliability with a simple user experience. Fully integrated storage and handling ensures materials stay dry for printing, while sensors measure each part of the extrusion system. Linear encoders on the gantry and print bed provide precise, real-time feedback on machine position resulting in highly accurate parts.

Production-grade printer


Device Type3D Printer
Product CategoryProduction Composite Printer
Weight (kg)453 kg (1000 lb)
Dimension W x D x H (mm)1325 x 900 x 1925 mm (52.2 x 35.5 x 75.75 in)
Power Requirements (V / Amp / Hz)200-240VAC 3P+E, 24A or 347-416VAC 3P+N+E, 14A; 8 kW
Build Volume525 x 400 x 400 mm
ResolutionLayer Height 50 - 250 μm

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