Mark Two

Desktop Composite Printer

Print composite parts as strong as aluminum on our top-of-the-line desktop machine. The Mark Two combines Markforged’s unique continuous carbon fiber reinforcement with workhorse reliability for the strongest, most versatile parts.


Key features

Part Strength
Strong, light, minimal deflection
Plastic - Onyx | Fibre - Carbon Fibre, Fiberglass, Kevlar™, HSHT Fibreglass
Ease of use
Plastic, and composite parts at the click of a button
Industrial Grade Printer
Simple, reliable, accurate
Other features:
  • Markforged’s Mark Two Industrial Strength 3D Printer gives you the ability to go from CAD to strong, stiff parts you can trust to meet your design goals.
  • Print with precision - The aluminum unibody construction provides the high stiffness and rigidity you’d expect in a precision machine.
    • The Mark Two combines the design flexibility of 3D printing with the remarkable strength of in carbon fiber, fiberglass, and Kevlar® for:
      • Jigs, fixtures, and other tooling
      • Custom end-use production parts
      • Functional prototyping
      • Structural parts
  • Intuitive 3D printing software -  Print a part to be flexible or strong is easy and intuitive with the powerful EIGER print submission software.
  • Plug and Play - Get up and running immediately with Konica Minolta user training on our all composite systems from Markforged.

The First Engineering Desktop 3D Printer


Device Type3D Printer
Product CategoryDesktop Composite Printer
Weight (kg)16kg
Power Requirements (V / Amp / Hz)240VAC
Build Volume320 x 132 x 154mm
ResolutionLayer Height: 100µm

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