Y Soft be3D eDee

A modern, fully automated 3D printer

Designed with safety, high performance and reliability in mind, the eDee 3D Printer features an intuitive 7-inch touchscreen control panel, secure safe locking doors, a powerful, enclosed print and spooling chamber with the latest generation hot end extrusion nozzle, and print bed auto-calibration. Learning environments now have a reliable hardware platform capable of processing environmentally advanced high performance proprietary PLA material, to better understand and communicate new concepts across a range of disciplines.

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Key features

Simple, Smart & Safe
Managed 3D Prints
Certified Filaments
Easy to use
Print Control software - DEECONTROL
Other features:
  • Manage and recover costs with YSoft SafeQ6 print management software to understand and control 3D Print related costs per project or department.
  • Establish more secure 3D printing environments with 3D Printer authentication control, which allows users to enter in secure ID and Password information, as well as establishing master administrator control of 3D Printing access.
  • Optimise 3D Print production by rerouting 3D Print jobs to accessible networked eDEE devices so that classroom projects can be produced with minimal interruption.

Full-featured print management solution manages 3D printer usage and enables cost recovery


Weight (kg)22
Dimension W x D x H (mm)495 x 395 x 390
Build Volume150 x 150 x 150 mm
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