3D Printing Perfect for Education

Australia’s first comprehensive 3D Printing Ecosystem for innovative educators, students and makerspaces

3D printing in schools provides not only the opportunity to better communicate, inspire, apply learning material but also create a new education experience for leading STEM educators.

Critical to any modern digital design and fabrication facility is safety, high quality output and an intuitive but powerful print management facility.

Y Soft offers a powerful, safe, controlled and smart print management infrastructure for student and teachers alike, in their fast-paced, idea rich education environment. Advanced tracking, rerouting, authentication and reporting capabilities are integrated as standard, across the entire 3D eDee network.

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Designed with safety, high performance and reliability in mind, the eDee 3D Printer features an intuitive 7-inch touchscreen control panel, secure safe locking doors, a powerful, enclosed print and spooling chamber with the latest generation hot end extrusion nozzle, and print bed auto-calibration. Learning environments now have a reliable hardware platform capable of processing environmentally advanced high performance proprietary PLA material, to better understand and communicate new concepts across a range of disciplines.

To learn more about 3D printing or build an advanced 3D printing infrastructure, speak to our Education Specialists today.


Simple, Smart & Safe

The Y Soft be3D eDee printer is designed with student safety in mind and its design & features increase safe operation and the integrity of the print object by protecting it from foreigh objects.

Y Soft SAFEQ - Print Management

Y Soft SafeQ as a software license or a subscription service includes Authentication, Print Roaming™ and Reporting modules to enable secure access management, printing on any printer in the network and for usage reports to help manage costs. 


Certified Filaments

The Y Soft be3D eDee printer uses PLA (polylactic acid) filaments, an odorless and non-toxic, bio-degradable biopolymer. Y Soft certifies PLA spool filaments from Y Soft resellers that are optimal and safe for eDee. 

Easy to Use

DeeControl software adds the layering information to your design files when preparing files for the 3D printing process.

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