Konica Minolta

Introducing the AIRe Lens

The latest in wearable augmented reality technology that is revolutionising remote assistance and training.

Making information visible

With AIRe Lens, complex maunal tasks have never looked simpler. It’s time to make increased efficiency, improved productivity and better connectivity your new reality.



A world of information right in front or your eyes

Are you ready to rethink tomorrow?

With AIRe Lens technology the transfer of skills, complex information and valuable expertise across vast distances becomes a simple endeavour.

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Change your perspective

AIRe Lens technology is designed to make complex tasks accessible and to allow businesses to maximise their workfoce expertise.

Through wireless Augmented Reality technology, users can transfer expertise across the world, upskilling your workforce without the need for costly and intensive training programmes.

Find out how AIRe Lens could help your business prosper.



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