Fax over Internet Protocol

Despite email replacing the need for fax in many workplaces, a large number of organisations still rely on fax for important business communications. Fax is inexpensive, reliable, virus-free and most importantly, legally binding, as faxed documents can’t be falsified or changed in any way. This is why sending faxes are often favoured by banking institutions, law firms and government departments who continue to send and receive billions of faxed documents each year.

Konica Minolta’s Fax over Internet Protocol (Fax Over IP) solutions provide simple way for organisations to centralise their fax administration and reduce communication costs. Shifting fax traffic to an IP network can reduce your organisation’s fax transmission costs by up to 40%1, as well as help you increase productivity and control security, regulation and compliance requirements. Sending a fax has never been so easy or cost effective. In fact, it’s as simple as sending an email.


Our Fax over Internet Protocol (Fax Over IP) service can help your business:

Save time

Konica Minolta’s Fax Over IP solutions enable users of multifunction printers, email, desktop, CRM and ERP applications to send and receive IP networked facsimiles that integrate with popular IP telephony systems to enable them to run in a virtual environment. This means eliminating the labour, equipment, phone lines and supplies associated with traditional manual faxing.

Ensure document security

Faxes sent and received over an IP network are more secure and can be easily tracked and logged. Incoming faxes are automatically routed to a user’s mailbox - putting an end to desktop faxing, costly analogue lines, fax boards and problems with legality. Printed audit trails ensure every incoming and outgoing fax is recorded and tracked and can be retrieved at a later date if necessary.

Increase efficiency

Outgoing faxes can be programmed for immediate or scheduled delivery, and incoming faxes are stamped with a page header outlining the date, time, sender and recipient’s details. All faxes received are converted to searchable PDF files.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Digitised fax over internet protocol solutions save considerable amounts of paper - which not only saves money but is also good for the environment.

Seamlessly integrate your assets

Incoming and outgoing faxes can be very simply integrated into existing ERP systems like SAP, Pronto, Oracle, Financials and Microsoft Dynamics, with an in-built connector.

1 The Strategic and Financial Justification for IP Networks, Cisco Systems 2002


Konica Minolta’s solution partner MESSAGEmanager discusses technical considerations in putting your fax communications over an IP network, detailing available protocols and standards, in this 45-minute on-demand webinar.

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