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Software to bridge the gap in construction projects

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Drive on-time, on-budget projects with operational integrity

Integrate email, estimates, drawings, purchase orders and invoices. Get work done faster, more efficiently and with less errors. Free up time to focus on the job at hand.

Speed up invoicing and approvals process

Capture all the information from materials receipts instantly into your financial system to verify against projects. Plan, forecast and manage bulk supplier discounts.

Reduce manual file handling

Reduce risk and improve consistency. Take paper out of the equation and eliminate labour intensive data entry. Free your staff for more high-value work, reduce errors and save time.

Gain full visibility

Manage information to deliver faster commissioning of projects to production. Improve operational excellence with supply chain analytics and take advantage of early delivery discounts or promotion opportunities.

Speed up handling of project files

Automatically capture files and centralise the information exchange. Capture and move information from material receipts and inspection reports seamlessly through your organisation to verify against project budgets, reduce waste materials and deliver projects on time.

Transparent and trackable system

Maintain a single source of truth for critical project control and documentation. Centralise collaboration between external contractors and internal owners. Make distribution, access, interaction and review of documents, models and data to continue knowledge share for projects across stakeholders and teams.

Ensure accuracy and reduce risk

Gain visibility into processes while ensuring data integrity and improving efficiency. Standardise document management with version control, smart search tools and retain sensitive data in compliance with statutory retention with automated processes to eliminate manual paper handling.

Simplify supplier collaboration

Keep projects on track, regardless of size or scope, including any changes. Manage complex projects and unique supplier contracts, deliverables and transmittals, flexibly adapting to shifting specifications and requirements. Consolidate materials to take advantage of supplier discounts.

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