Innovators in Human Resources


How you can benefit from Digital Transformation

Here are some ideas covered in our Innovators in HR seminar to demonstrate how Human Resource professionals can leverage disruptive digital technology to identify the right hire, transform on-boarding processes, and provide greater security and visibility to critical employee information.

Review of Automation, Workflow and Visibility through Digital Transformation

The Human Resources function within an organisation is unique in its reach. HR professionals work across all parts of any business or organisation, and as such often requires access to multiple sources of information as part of doing their job. In addition to a HR Management System, some of these systems and sources of information include Windows Network Folders, SharePoint, Exchange & Mailboxes, DropBox, and other Cloud sharing platforms. 

This presents a significant challenge to HR as the inefficiencies introduced by disparate systems  and information silos also prevent a unified security policy to be applied on the sensitive nature of the information accessed by HR.

Introducing an Enterprise Information Management system like OpenText Content Manager, allows HR professionals to change the manner in which they access information. Coined the "Single Pane of Glass", a system like OpenText Content Manager allows for integration to all sources of information to allow HR professionals to access the relevant information from within a single Workspace. 

Imagine having access to all the relevant personnel documentation for an employee in one central repository, with integrated security applied to prevent unauthorised access. This technology creates the ecosystem and foundation for Digital Transformation, allowing HR to benefit from simpler access to relevant information, reduce duplication of documentation and mitigate any compliance and security risks.

A Digitally Transformed On-boarding and Off-boarding solution

Commonly referred to as the Hire to Retire process, the bookend process of On-boarding and Off-boarding employees is common across most organisations and can benefit greatly from automation. By having a workspace defined by the roles of employees accessing the OpenText Content Manager platform, each role can have a customised landing page which provides easy and relevant access to documents and workflows.

As part of the Recruitment and On-boarding process, relevant stakeholders like the Hiring Manager, Recruitment Officer, and IT Systems Manager can participate in a predefined and automated workflow, which provides a consistent and transparent process for all parties. Workflow Automation via the same platform where documents are stored allows for secure access to the same current version of documents, removing any duplication of uncontrolled documents. An efficient On-boarding process will enable HR to provide a good onboarding experience for new candidates and contribute to a successful Talent Acquisition process. 

Workflow automation for the Off-boarding process also ensures that key events and processes are followed each time an employee termination occurs. Stakeholders in IT and Building Security can be involved in the predefined process which may include the disabling of access to network and physical location.

The Digital Transformation of automating processes provides HR professionals an opportunity to deliver an innovative, efficient and secure solution to existing manual processes. Any HR department can benefit from the time and efficiency gains that digital transformation provides.


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