Unlock new opportunities with our
digital transformation kit

Discover the hidden data in your paper archives

Convert your paper files into valuable insights

What’s in this kit?

  • Kodak i3500 high-speed scanner with optimised document processing
  • Capture Pro LE conversion software – including OCR and native SharePoint connectorv
  • Hardware installation, set up and training to get the most out of your package

In today’s environment more than ever, critical business processes that rely on paper documents are at risk of serious disruption.  Using Optical Character Recognition, convert your physical documents into searchable data within your business systems.

Whether you’re looking to maintain a compliant digital records system or aiming to increase efficiency with content-based search, with a digital transformation package you can quickly and easily digitise your physical archives, unlocking the potential within.

Digitising your documents means you can:

  • Maintain a fully-complaint digital records system
  • Convert paper documents into a searchable repository
  • Quickly search, discover and view data across documents
  • Analyse trends and gain insights
  • Free up office space occupied by paper archives


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