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Get full control and transparency with bizDrive

Konica Minolta Managed Print Services can help you optimise your print environment. On average we save our customers 32% on their print costs. This program is designed to reduce costs, increase staff productivity and reduce the burden on IT resources.

The bizDrive process conducts a thorough assessment of your current print environment, requirements and needs by capturing device activity and monitoring usage patterns. This gives you full transparency and allows our experts to design an optimised print environment, perfect for your business and needs.


Our unique approach benefits your organisation in several ways:

✔ Right size your environment through transparent insights
✔ Outsource key functions to free up valuable IT time
✔ Ensure 95% average printer uptime
✔ Improve business sustainability through insights


Reduce CO2 footprint by 28%

MPS customers typically save an average of 11,394 kilos of CO2 emissions a year.

Save up to 32% on print costs

Achieved through implementing bizDrive audit recommendations.

Zero effort for you

Let us take care of the tricky audit business and help you make the right print choice.


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