Could your office printing be much smarter?

Konica Minolta’s Variable Data Printing (VDP) service can have many advantages for your business. This clever solution can customise forms, letters, direct mail, sales flyers, invoices, statements and other customer relationship management materials and will deliver materials with a professional and consistent graphic feel.


Our Variable Data Printing services can help your business:

Support complex personalisation

Complex VDP jobs can also be delivered with a simple Graphical User Interface (GUI)-defined, rule-based logic, without the need for scripting or programming. Data can be supported with variable text, graphs and colour with industry standard barcodes and personalised images which are also easily incorporated. Creating personalised and tailored materials from a centralised external database is transforming many different businesses in many different ways. For instance:

  • Bank or utilities suppliers can customise statements with personalised details that provide a comparison against their last statement, include a personalised cover letter, or print a tailored message at the bottom of an invoice.
  • Delivery and transport companies can create packing slips and delivery labels at a warehouse then send an email confirming the order – all from the same data stream used to print invoices.
  • Educational institutions can benefit by using sophisticated VPD technology to create individual student reports that will help teachers develop a high volume of records out to students on time
  • Personalised letters required from a variety of businesses can leverage the power of VDP with high-speed mail merge.

Know when to print or email - to save costs

Konica Minolta’s VDP solutions can intelligently read if personalised materials need to be emailed rather than printed and posted by detecting whether a customer has an email address. If an email address is located within the data stream, it can convert that particular file to a PDF and email it instead of printing - which in turn saves paper and mailing costs.

Integrate a central database into any required software

Konica Minolta’s VDP solutions support Adobe InDesign Software, Macintosh OS X and Microsoft Windows operating systems. Our software is designed to meet the needs of organisations of all sizes, from small business to large enterprise and government departments.

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