Colour Management

Achieve vibrant colour printing, every time

Achieve a true colour match

Colour variation in the world of printing has always been a given, whether the work is printed using print on demand (digital); contract proof (inkjet) or high volume (offset).  Today, with the Konica Minolta Colour Management Solution, a consistently accurate and true colour match is now possible.

Global standard in Colour Management

Our advanced colour management hardware and cutting edge digital print technology combine to offer a unique, unmatched solution.

  • A true global standard, across all platforms, the CMS enables different digital systems to be able to profile and match colours to clients’ exact specifications and produce them on either ink or  toner-based equipment
  • Beyond pure colour matching, the CMS allows the user to create, visualise and edit colour profiles, which reduces the rework required and helps businesses to maximise their profit capacity.

Konica Minolta’s integrated solutions and systems give companies peace of mind, when it comes to controlling colour printing, they no longer have to doubt the quality of colour that can be produced   and can be assured of achieving a vibrant print match every time.

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