Print Workflow Management

Manage your workflow with accuracy

Print workflow management solutions from Konica Minolta allow your employees to select print jobs and direct them to devices according to which is the most available or the most efficient. Users of the tool can re-route print jobs based on the machine’s capacity to finish a job quickly.

Konica Minolta’s print workflow management solutions can also enable your business to receive orders 24/7, streamline pre-press work, speed up printing and finishing and manage all aspects of the on-demand print business efficiently. Optimising workflow naturally increases profitability.

Other solutions can integrate production systems to make existing or new printers more scalable and productive, again promoting workflow, speed and efficiency.

Print workflow management solution capacities include:

  • Software that can be configured to fit workflow like a glove, with automated efficiency to manage job ticketing, monitoring device status in real time
  • The optimisation of print queues, selection of ‘best match printers’ , splitting colour and black and white pages to different printers for example, and the monitoring of consumables (paper, toner)
  • An easy-to-use interface for previewing jobs
  • Print management services, from ordering to proofing, delivered online
  • The control of up to 12 printers from one place


Find out more about Konica Minolta’s NEW pre-press and print automation software suite - AccurioPro Flux.

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