Konica Minolta
Document Conversion
Index, track, and secure your documents

Simplify scanning and document retrieval

Deliver significant benefits to your business by implementing a digital solution with smart document capture. As paper-based documents come into the business, you can scan them into your system using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. This instantly scans and make the everyday and archived documents searchable. You can set up automated workflows or manually save those documents to the appropriate location.

No more physical archives

Staying in control with our sophisticated day-forward document tracking. Convert your paper records into integrated, indexed and easily accessible files including systemised transformation of image- based documents into searchable PDFs.

Reduced risk of document loss

Electronically stored documents reduce this risk enormously. Back-up your file shares and content management repositories with cloud storage solutions.

Increased security

Digitally secured your documents. Password protection makes it impossible for unauthorised people to access the document, while audit trails mean you can see who has accessed the document and who has printed it. 


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