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Konica Minolta’s Optimised Print Services is designed to reduce the hassles of running and managing your fleet of print devices. Should you require assistance on how to use the OPS Web Portal, or how to configure the OPS software, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly helpdesk team. 

If your enquiry is about installing OPS software, check the FAQs below to see if your question is answered. Also make use of the User Guides for instructions on Data Collection Agent (DCA) installation and how to use the OPS Web Portal.

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OPS Standard Support     1300 554 441

OPS Advanced Support   1300 589 512


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Frequently Asked Questions for the OPS Data Collection Agent

What is the OPS Web Portal URL?

The link is

What is my username and password to monitor my devices?

Your OPS delegate would have received a welcome email, including a username and password for your device monitoring website. If you do not have this email, or you are re-installing the software and need a new pin code, please contact the OPS Support helpdesk.

Where do I get the activation code for the DCA?

Your OPS delegate would have received a welcome email, including a pin code . Please use this pin code if you are installing the DCA software for the first time. If you do not have this email or you are re-installing the software and need a new pin code, please contact the OPS Support helpdesk.

My DCA is asking for a server name.

The server name for the ops software is:

Is there a limit to the amount of devices monitored by one DCA?

It is good practice to have multiple DCAs if your enterprise network spans many subnets. The amount of devices monitored by one DCA is limited by the scan time for each device. Ideally one DCA is used for up to 1000 devices to allow the DCA the time to collect the data.

I'm having technical problems installing the Data Collection Agent (DCA).

From our experience, the two most common issues are:

  1. The .net framework is not installed. Solution: Install the .net framework 3.5 or 4.
  2. Installation is blocked by a proxy server. Solution: Provide security details to enable the DCA to communicate out of the network. Please refer to the installation guide for the correct configuration procedure.

What do I do if I encounter a problem during installation?

First step is to refer to the installation guide and confirm the system is up to specification and meets the minimum requirements. If you continue to have issues you can call the OPS helpdesk.

What versions of .NET framework are required?

The DCA will work with .NET 3.5 and 4.0.

How much traffic or network load is caused by the DCA?

In the following listing you find the DCA traffic compared to loading a single web page:

Loading a single standard webpage 60 K
DCA scan, blank IP 5 K
DCA scan, 1 printer 7 K
DCA scan, 1 printer, 1 subnet 96 K
DCA scan, network of 13 printers 111 K


OPS User Guides

Data Collection Agent (DCA) Quick Installation Guide

A quick and easy guide on how to quickly get the DCA installed and running.

Data Collection Agent (DCA) Detailed Installation Guide
A detailed guide on how to configure all the different settings when installing the DCA.

Local DCA Installation Guide
Documentation on how to use the local DCA to capture information about locally attached printers.

DCA Upgrade Guide
A guide on how to upgrade the DCA.

DCA System Requirements Guide
System requirements of the server/PC that the DCA will be installed on.

DCA Communication Issues Guide
Helps diagnose why communication issues may be occurring within the DCA.

DCA PIN Change Guide
A guide that shows a customer how to change the PIN number of their DCA.

OPS Software Security Information
Information about OPS software and security.

OPS Web Portal Guide Running Reports
A guide that shows KM sales team members how to run reports on their client accounts.

OPS Web Portal Guide - A System Overview
How to navigate around the OPS Web Portal.

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