Building for the future with workflow automation

A practical guide

Globally printing businesses have been challenged by shrinking margins and need to streamline efficiency in their business, even pre-Coronavirus. The 2020 drupa spotlight report revealed that 39% of printers planned to invest in prepress, workflow and MIS in the next 4 years. 1

And now with Coronavirus where revenues have been down, printers need to be considering workflow automation to reduce costs and build for the future with a competitive advantage.

Workflow automation offers printing businesses several benefits including:

✔ Ability to receive orders 24/7

✔ Streamlined prepress

✔ Faster turnaround on printing and finishing

✔ Effective business management including increased profitability

✔ The ability to expand with new services and attract new customers.

3rd drupa Global Trends Spotlight Report 2020

In this practical guide we explore some key considerations for workflow automation as well as provide some useful steps to get you started on developing an automated workflow.


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