Rethink productivity

With automated colour control and registration accuracy

Benefit from real-time quality adjustments

Discover new levels of efficiency and improve output quality with the revolutionary IQ-501 now available for the AccurioPress range. Standard on AccurioPress C14000 series and optional for other AccurioPress colour print systems, this unique automation option can improve labour efficiency up to as much as 30%, reduce waste and guarantee exceptional print quality.

The first of its kind, the IQ-501 is a smart closed loop system that automates image position, registration and accurate colour control. It offers hybrid colour measurement and real time correction for printed products meaning you can deliver more, high quality prints faster.


Automated colour & registration adjustment

Adjustments on density, tone, colour and front-to-back registration,etc. that have previously been done manually can now be automated prior to print production for maximised productivity.

Colour correction and registration on the fly

The IQ-501 will monitor colour and front-to-back registration accuracy and make the necessary adjustments in real time to guarantee that only the best prints will leave your site.

Error free printing

The IQ-501 ensures that even your less experienced press operators will be able to produce precisely registered, calibrated, and profiled colour prints, on the first run and on every run. IQ-501 is your key to minimising labour costs without compromising the print quality your customers demand.

The IQ-501 is a real game changer 

To help you understand it a little better we’ve pulled together a video explainer and customer success story


For more time, more customers and more sales talk to us about the IQ-510 today



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