Our People

Our management team brings a wealth of experience from the printing, IT and related industries to provide the knowledge, vision and drive to shape our business for the future and the changing needs of our customers.

We’re committed to creating a company that solves our customers and society’s challenges through the innovation and dedication of our people, and with respect for human rights within our business and supply chain.

Senior Executive Team

Dr David Cooke

Chairman & Managing Director

With a Doctorate in Corporate Social Responsibility, David demonstrates the value of managing a company with ethics and equality as the driving force. "As well as our on-going community partnership programs, we’re dedicated through our efforts and influence to improve the quality of life for people affected by modern slavery or unfair work practices throughout the supply chain. Increasingly, we’re finding customers and employees are moved to work with companies that have purpose, diversity and are committed to doing the right thing. It’s been wonderful to see the company growing in strength over the years, as a result".

With over 35 years' experience in the IT industry, David has steered Konica Minolta through changing times including the addition of software, services, 3D printing, robotics and industrial print to the traditional office and production print hardware.

"The changes in our industry are happening in all industries, as we look for better ways to create value for our customers and build a sustainable future. Our people are committed to working with customers to really understand what’s going to make a difference in their business, and deliver the right solution for them - whatever that may be. And importantly, to be there for the long term, proving the service and support to keep their business operating at its best".


Shane Blandford

Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer

Shane combines over 20 years industry experience with a future driven focus.

With a background in both sales, and marketing Shane’s insights provide an intrinsically customer centric approach to his role.

“In marketing Konica Minolta’s products, solutions and services my aim is to connect information, ideas and people in a way that adds value at every stage of the decision making and purchase process. And, to manage the product lifecycle to ensure our company’s sustainable profitability”. 

As an innovation leader, Shane evaluates new ideas and opportunities that have the ability to create greater value for our customers and society and works with our parent company Konica Minolta Inc., as well as Konica Minolta’s Business Innovation Centre (BIC) to develop these ideas, and bring them to market in Australia. 

Nick Jones, Chief Information Officer

Nick Jones

Chief Information Officer

Nick has led high performing IT teams across multiple continents over the last 10 years and is currently completing his Masters in IT Leadership.

With a strong commitment to enabling exceptional customer and employee experience through technology, Nick believes IT has a significant role to play in shaping business and society for a more productive, enjoyable and secure future.

Nick joined Konica Minolta Australia in early 2019 having previously worked in the Global supply chain industry. He was born in Manchester, England and spends his time exploring Australia with his young family from their base in the Central Coast.

Alan Kiloh

Chief Financial Officer

From working in a variety of industries including print, media & telco, Alan’s focus at Konica has been operational efficiency & system process automation.  With functional responsibility for Finance, Vendor Funding, Supply Chain, Logistics & Helpdesk, best practice techniques become key to providing a great customer experience.  His most recent challenge has been to establish a new Digital Healthcare division in Australia.

Originally from Scotland, Alan is a Chartered Accountant with a passion for football and also enjoys sailing & travel.

Yoshi Narita, Chief Strategic Planning Officer and Company Director

Yoshi Narita

Chief Strategic Planning Officer and Company Director

Yoshi joined Konica Minolta Japan HQ in 1997 and has had global roles in Japan and US over more than 20 years. 

Arriving in Australia in 2015, Yoshi is now head of strategic planning as well as company director.

His name is Yoshi, and his favourite strategy is “Sanpou-Yoshi”, which is a traditional business principle in Japan. “Sanpou” means three ways, and “Yoshi” refers to Good or Satisfaction.  The three areas that this principle focuses on is Customer, Company, and Society.  The philosophy is, that if you want your business to be successful you should not only focus on profit. Be balanced, and treat your Customer and Society as well as yourself.  Yoshi enjoys his Australian life with his family.

David Procter 

Chief Operations Officer

David brings more than 30 years of industry experience to his role as Chief Operations Officer. He is accountable for sales, technical service and professional services as well as the strategic direction of Konica Minolta as a partner in the executive leadership team.

David takes pleasure in turning ideas into reality, embracing new opportunities and change: “I am lucky to be part of such an exciting team. We witness innovation and growth on a daily basis and it is a great opportunity to be part of this.”

In his free time, David enjoys spending time with his family and renovating his home. He also has a keen interest in rugby union.

Meredith Roach

Chief Communications and Sustainability Officer

With over 25 years’ experience, Meredith is renowned for her strong communications ability, and leading projects that drive positive change.

In her role as Chief Communications and Sustainability Officer at Konica Minolta, Meredith leads the Social Impact and Sustainability team to develop and share initiatives that drive positive outcomes for our customers and society.

Our aim is to work together with our employees, customers and community to solve not just business challenges, but some of society’s most prominent issues; such as business sustainability, diversity and inclusion, ethical sourcing and modern slavery.

Gabrielle Stevens‚Äč

Chief People & Culture Officer

Gabrielle joined Konica Minolta permanently in January 2020, following a career in recruitment and generalist HR in the healthcare industry. She believes that People and Culture can foster positive employee experiences by helping every employee achieve their professional and self-development goals.

Gabrielle understands that building an engaged and diverse workforce creates value not only for our employees, but also for our customers as we work together to provide innovative solutions and an excellent customer experience.

Living in Sydney for most of her life, Gabrielle has teenage children, a couple of fluffy dogs and loves to ski and travel. 

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