Wide Format Printing and Scanning Solutions

Superior solutions for viewing and printing large format engineering drawings, public-works documents and more. Get the most out of our large format printers and scanners with superior resolution and increased productivity.


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World-Leading Wide Format Printers and Scanners

At Konica Minolta we want to offer only the very best in Wide Format Printing and Scanning solutions.  We’ve partnered with KIP, a leading manufacturer, to offer a comprehensive range that provides you with the ultimate in choice and cost-effective quality.

We have a wide range of Large Format Printers that offer high-value range of benefits to suit your unique business needs, with the utmost in professional quality and performance.
Whether you are looking for a system that can cater for:

  • High demand project requirements
  • Space saving workgroup needs
  • High value multi-function system convenience
  • Breakthrough value and performance level

We have a Large Format Printer that can meet your needs, with systems that focus on design, quality, functionality and the demanding needs of technical and graphics environments.

A Huge Range of Flexible Benefits with Wide Format Printers and Scanners

Our printers have been developed to give you the best combination of affordability and performance to fulfil all your wide format printing needs. The printers are perfect for tasks spanning from architectural engineering and construction documents, to maps, posters, signs and photo enlargements.

  • Dry toner based systems provides a stable UV print, giving you the best value for money with cost-effective printing.
  • KIP intelligent image smoothing technology gives you enhanced image quality by eliminating jagged edges on text, curves and diagonal lines.
  • Our KIP 800 colour series give you high-demand output for your wide format printing, with precise imaging and bold, expressive colour fidelity – ideal for technical, graphic and office document users who need the edge on performance.
  • The KIP series has a heat pressure fixing system that ensures the correct temperature and pressure needed to produce a durable and long-life print. Get extra longevity with welded steel frame designs and a bearing rail construction for media decks.
  • Get High Definition Print Technology with innovative KIP technology, delivering you exceptionally crisp fine line detail, solid blacks and distinctive consistent grey halftones. 
  • Never fall behind again with ultra productive wide format printers that cater to the reality of demanding print runs and compressed delivery times. The KIP range can manage rapid turnaround jobs with ease.

Advanced Scanner Technology With our Wide Format Scanners

When you need to achieve fast scanning in colour or monochrome, our KIP large format scanners give you robust performance, superior resolution and state of the art software to streamline your workflow and increase productivity.

  • Full integration with KIP wide-format and inkjet computers
  • Our CIS (contact Image Sensor) Technology is suitable for most wide format scanning needs, and CCD imaging cameras offer an extra level of quality and accuracy for exacting jobs.
  • KIP Tru-Speed offers best in class levels of productivity, with our KIP 2300 setting a uniquely high standard for speed, quality and flexibility.

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