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Print Management

Eliminate print waste and reduce costs with print management, solutions to monitor and control of document output behaviour.

Key business benefits

Ensure security

Ensure security

Strengthen device and content security

Customise device access with permission-based access rights to features. Multiple authentication options ensure that only authorised users have access to certain features, protecting the security of sensitive company information.  

Secure print release

Reduce the risk of exposing confidential information and meet regulatory and compliance requirements. Ensure that only authorised users can print and collect sensitive documents at the device of their choice, whether at one location, or at regional or branch offices in a multisite configuration.

Ensure the continuity of the print service

Load balancing and failover features allow faster completion of the print run and guarantee performance and availability on the highest level of the print service.

Reduce cost

Reduce cost

Lower costs for printing, copying and scanning by up to 30%

Our print management solutions give you the tools to increase document security, promote sustainability and analyse cost and expense data by enforcing print policies. Make better decisions over your print usage and reduce print volume and costs before they are incurred.

Cost control

Monitor and control print costs. Track, charge for, or recover the cost of every document produced on any device in the organisation and allocate individual job costs to specific users, departments, clients or job codes.

Report Usage

Gain a quick overview on all operations performed in the print environment with standard or customised reports and helping you to understand and optimise print costs and uses.

Rapid ROI

Easily report on return on investment, and lower your total cost of ownership with easily-accessible tools to all control and report on the costs.

Improve efficiency

Improve efficiency

Improve employee productivity

Provide walk-up copier users with the same set of rich and efficient application features provided in the print control, increasing user mobility and convenience while strengthening security across all your devices independently from their make and model.

Pull printing

Convenient and timesaving collection of print jobs is simplified with pull printing. With the option to submit print jobs from anywhere at any time, users gain the freedom to work wherever they prefer.

Scan workflows

Improve productivity by enhancing business processes. Streamline document capture and improved print management with a single user interface.

Mobile devices

The number of mobile device users is increasing, printing from mobile devices is creating different needs by vertical, business and individual users. Offer the access to the full range of print management features securely with Konica Minolta’s print management solutions.

Optimise IT infrastructure

Optimise IT infrastructure

Reduce IT burden

Manage devices and users from a single and streamlined web interface. Centralised management provides a smooth and simple deployment and browser-based administration access from any network location, providing advanced control and configuration across all users and devices for IT staff.

Optimise your infrastructure

Eliminated the local servers and initiate a printer server consolidation to simplify and improve your infrastructure.


Ensure a true ‘seamless integration with existing and legacy IT infrastructure, compatibility and standards or corporate policies.

Challenges we solve

We take on board those difficult tasks, so you don't have to. In the process, will we help with: 

Rising Costs

Declining budgets, economic environment and strong competition creates high pressure to control costs in every company and institution.

Increased security threats

Multiple devices connected to enterprise networks, public clouds and hybrid cloud services need a tight security mechanism.

Challenge of IT support

Maintaining support for infrastructure takes  IT resources away from more mission-critical work.

Inefficient workflows

Inconvenience of printers that are busy or out of service has an impact on the employee productivity.

Environmental impact of printing

The need to be compliant with energy saving requirements and provide transparency on environmental impact.

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