Landcare Australia Limited is a non-political, uniquely Australian partnership between the community, government and business to protect and repair Australia’s magnificent, yet stressed, natural resources.

The Landcare movement is made up of approximately 4,000 Landcare and 2,000 Coastcare volunteer groups that work on environmental projects in their local communities.

The groups that fall under the Landcare umbrella are varied in nature and don’t necessarily include Landcare in their names, including Productive farming groups, ‘Friends of’, Bushcare, Coastcare, Rivercare, and Dunecare.

Landcare also include farmers embracing sustainable farm management, Indigenous traditional land managers sharing their knowledge with the wider community and any community group that partakes in volunteer environmental activities.

Here is how the volunteers get involved: repair urban creeks and bushland, remove and control weeds and feral animals, litter removal, plant native trees, shrubs and grasses, re-vegetate land affected by salinity and erosion, connect green corridors in urban areas to bring back biodiversity, soil conservation, monitor water quality in our rivers and streams, wildlife rescue, rehabilitate wetlands, assist land owners to adapt to climate change with long term planning for farms and their properties, share Indigenous land management knowledge, rehabilitate overgrazed pastures, respond to natural disasters, educate our community including children about conservation of their landscape and many other natural resource management activities.

Our staff join Landcare volunteers in these activities.

For more information about Landcare Australia visit

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