Project Futures

Project Futures is a not for profit organisation that works to raise awareness and funding for programs dedicated to combating human trafficking and sexual exploitation globally. The vision of Project Futures is to create an empowered world where every person can take action against human trafficking and exploitation


What is Human Trafficking? 

Human Trafficking is a crime against humanity. It involves the recruitment of persons through force, coercion, deception or abduction for the purpose of their exploitation. Victims of human trafficking are found working in industries such as construction, hospitality, sex industry, agriculture and domestic cleaning.

What is the role of Project Futures? 
Project Futures have created various outlets to raise awareness and fund for anti-human trafficking projects. By aligning with like-minded companies, individuals and communities Project Futures aims to allow others to take ownership of the cause, and to gradually engage vast networks of people empowered to make an impact in ending human traffic.

Konica Minolta and employees support Project Futures through:

  • Workplace giving
  • Participation in fundraising activities and Corporate Immersion tours, where employees travel to Cambodia to understand the issues of sex trafficking and the impact our support makes to those affected

For more information about Project Futures visit

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Konica Minolta employees visit the ASEFIP centre


Visiting Angkor Wat


Learning about Cambodian history at S21 prison and Killing Fields



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