Ethical Sourcing

Working with our Suppliers

Konica Minolta Australia recognises it has an important role to play in ensuring the rights of those in our business operations and supply chains are upheld and respected. For this reason we are committed to undertaking an ethical sourcing journey with our suppliers to ensure we have a positive social impact on those within our sphere of influence.

Underpinned by the philosophy creation of new value, Konica Minolta Inc., the parent company of Konica Minolta Australia, is leading by example:

  • Konica Minolta Australia joined the Global Compact Network Australia in February  2016 and is an active member on issues of human rights in supply chains and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • In August 2016, Konica Minolta Australia adapted this Supplier Code of Conduct to our local operations;
  • Konica Minolta Inc. also acknowledges the risk of conflict minerals in its supply chain and has accordingly developed a Conflict Minerals Policy Statement; and
  • The Group regularly reports on efforts as they relate to environmental, social and corporate governance. General standard disclosures against the Global Report Initiatives GRI 4 guidelines can be found here.

More information about Konica Minolta’s approach to Responsible Supply Chain Management can be found in our latest CSR report.

Ethical Sourcing Roadmap

Konica Minolta Australia’s strategy to cascade global commitments and address human rights risks in local operations is presented as our Ethical Sourcing Roadmap. The Roadmap is an 18 month-plan shaped by 5 goals and 40 activities to ensure the correct policies and procedures are embedded in our business operations and supply chains.

We appreciate that sum of our parts is greater than individual effort so will collaborate in partnership with our suppliers and industry bodies to embed ethical sourcing policies in practice.

Tracking Roadmap Implementation

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