Solutions for Higher Education

When there are hundreds of students enrolling or sitting exams, printing costs and document management can quickly get out of hand.


Konica Minolta’s solutions for Higher Education can integrate with your student information systems (SIS) and quickly unlock a range of efficiencies.

Our education industry services can:

  • manage costs and gain efficiencies
  • automate and digitise how you keep in touch with students
  • provide self-service content management for all kinds of educational and support material
  • streamline student record management and your print management

Use secure access to electronic and paper-based documents to save time and boost productivity for both staff and students. You’ll also harness enterprise-wise efficiencies such as a convenient payment system for student printing. Additional benefits include: web-based budget and tracking capabilities, automated monitoring and consumables re-ordering, authorisation technology to control who prints what.

Keep track of costs

Improve administrative productivity and accountability, automate toner re-ordering and electronic meter reading, and prevent unnecessary printer service calls. Manage student printer usage with Konica Minolta’s pay-for-print solutions. You can even link printing charges to other paid institution services, such as parking.

Move to digital content management

By digitising your organisation’s documents you can quickly unlock a range of print-cost savings. Use our content management solutions to scan and convert all kinds of printed materials into convenient PDFs you can supply via your website, digital drop-box, or by attaching to emails.

Improve efficiency

Make marking papers and preparing student course materials outside the classroom fast, efficient, and easy. Our advanced scanning and document management technology lets you improve productivity by integrating scanned data with student information systems and electronic data management platforms.

Strengthen security

Keep student records safe and secure, no matter what form they take. Konica Minolta’s range of security measures can help you ensure files can’t be accessed, and documents can’t be printed, copied, or scanned without proper authentication and adequate access privileges.

3D printing

3D printing is an increasingly essential tool in design, architecture, engineering, and computer science education departments. In fact, today 3D printing is seen as an effective learning tool for conveying concepts in almost every education discipline. Empower your students and faculty, and stay at the forefront of this emerging discipline with the latest in 3D printing technology from Konica Minolta.

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