Solutions for the Finance Industry

With lean, digital-only players disrupting the finance, banking and insurance industry, your customers have more choices than ever.

Compete more effectively

Financial and insurance firms remain vigilant about opportunities to lower costs and improve services for customers to remain competitive. Our comprehensive digital workplace solutions can help you streamline your back-office and administrative functions, and reduce your operating costs.

Our solutions for the finance industry can help you:

  • Automate back-end processes 
  • Improve compliance and reduce the risk of a privacy breach
  • Reduce costs by switching from paper-based processes to scanned forms and documents

Unlock firm-wide digital efficiencies

Streamline load applications of insurance claims and manage contracts more easily with solutions to help you transform paper-based documents into process-ready data. Use our comprehensive digital workplace solutions to vastly reduce the amount of paperwork your firm generates. 

Streamline your processes

Spend less time managing administrative tasks and more time servicing your clients. Efficient digital workflows ensure your clients complete all your documentation and let everyone involved work much more quickly. Digitising processes to verify, approve, and sign your documents can quickly unlock a raft of efficiencies across your firm. You'll also streamline how you retrieve, edit, store and archive this data.

Reduce your print costs

Konica Minolta gives you greater control over your printing environment, helping you to ensure that certain documents are sent to the most efficient printers, gain greater visibility and control to replace underutilised printers and reduce unnecessary printing.

Keep your business secure

Your customer data needs rigorous cyber-security safeguards. Use our secure print services to manage your documents efficiently without risking your data's security

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