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As healthcare professionals, your day-to-day can be filled with the demands of patient expectations, budget constraints and pressure from healthcare insurers having influence on how healthcare is provided. Make medical information more accessible and streamline processes to reduce administrative cost, save time and ensure compliance.

Konica Minolta solutions cut through the complexities of your IT processes. We’ll save you the stress of office inefficiency, your patients will be pleased with the improved speed and quality of care, and our solutions deliver the economic value needed to remain competitive. We can support you in optimising your document-related processes, simplifying your information flow. This will leave you with more time and funds to focus on your core activity: providing care.

We work with:

        •  Hospitals

        •  Imaging Centers (e.g. Radiology)

        •  Orthopedic

        •  Clinics

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Eliminate Errors

Are you finding issues with?

  • Documents being easily misfiled, misplaced, or worse, picked up by the wrong person.
  • Trying to hunt down, search for or recreate files, realising that this represents a matter of misdirected use of time, money, energy along with the risk of security breaches, expensive audits, and lawsuits.
  • Invoicing and archiving are still paper and labour- intensive processes in many hospitals and medical facilities. So much so that external service providers are frequently employed for invoicing, scanning, and archiving purposes.

Let us help eliminate those errors and reduce costly mistakes.

Streamline Processes

Are you manually managing the process of uploading EMR or patient health information? Sorting through files to retrieve patient history?

One of the biggest obstacles in a hospital is the proliferation of systems. Medical personnel are having to work with multiple systems, where the varying input and output requirements are quickly become demanding tasks.

This time-consuming process draws your time away from attending patients and therefore costing you money.

Let us help you minimize low-value tasks, streamline work, and build your success.

Convert Paper to Digital

Is your hospital or clinic overwhelmed when it comes to? 

  • Patient billing, scripts, referral/treatment letters, patient charts, insurance claims and illegible handwriting.
  • Holding onto years’ worth of patient archives is expensive, inefficient, and a data storage risk.

Is your hospital’s admission and discharge process still paper-intensive?

  • Procedures that are heavily paper based, including recording patient’s personal details and processing information from external sources: doctors, insurance companies and other hospital departments.

Let us help you manage your paper trail.

Content Management

Secure, centralised single source of truth. Remove silos and send your information to your ECM, SharePoint, ERP or Line of business systems. Privacy and protection of patient or client information.


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Rapid document conversion of historical or everyday patient records. Digitising old & new insurance and patient consent forms with Document Imaging Services. Have administrative control of patient history information quicky & easily.

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Workflow Process Automation

Maintain standardised index, routing, and workflow rules for compliance. Workflow to improve patient record management. New patient signup connectivity with electronic health records and current systems.


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