Konica Minolta Quick Support

Konica Minolta Quick Support Services for End Users

Konica Minolta now provides quick support for end users via TeamViewer to minimise disruptions, reduce time spent over the phone and to increase the overall effectiveness of Konica Minolta support customers. Use the links below to download the latest version of TeamViewer Quick Support.

We currently offer quick support only to end users who fulfil the below listed criteria.

  1. Have called Konica Minolta helpdesk and have a Job Reference Number (eight digits)
  2. Were advised by helpdesk that they would receive a call back from Level 2 Support to help resolve their issue.
  3. Have permission to install Konica Minolta TeamViewer or have had a previous version of TeamViewer version already installed.

Konica Minolta is dedicated to improve customer satisfaction by reducing time spent over the phone and increase efficiency by providing quick, effective remote solutions to end users.

The download links to files are provided above, please choose according to instructions given by Helpdesk. The full version of TeamViewer is available below. If you require an older version of TeamViewer you can find them at this link: Previous versions.


TeamViewer for Mobile Devices

Please use the link below to download TeamViewer for Mobile devices

TeamViewer for Mobile devices

Microsoft DirectAccess Client Troubleshooter

The DirectAccess Client Troubleshooting Tool is a graphical application, based on the .NET Framework, which checks the health of a DirectAccess client by running various tests. Built-in health tests: The following tests are currently implemented: Network interfaces Network location (NLS and NRPT DNS) IP connectivity (6to4, Teredo, IPHTTPS, entry point in a multisite setup, DNS) Windows Firewall (applied profile, Firewall outbound rules) Certificates (EKU Client Authentication, trust chain for AIA and CRL) IPsec infrastructure tunnel (Domain SysVol share) IPsec intranet tunnel (PING and HTTP probes) Additional features Run post-check script (PowerShell, VBScript, BAT or CMD file)



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