By Konica Minolta 15 Aug 2016

The 3D Printing Market Forecasted to Reshape Industries


3D printing is set to re-shape many industries

Manufacturing, retail, automotive, aerospace, healthcare and education sectors have already explored the possibilities 3D printing presents. They have already found cost savings, increases in speed to market and life changing impacts in the medical field. It’s also demonstrating benefits to the environment with goods being manufactured where they are needed – bypassing the need for transportation of goods.

The appetite for 3D printing is showing no signs of being a fad, in fact it’s rapidly growing. According to Statista the global market for 3D printing and services was valued at around 12.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. On a worldwide scale, the market is expected to amount to almost 50 billion U.S. dollars by 2025.

In an interview with Konica Minolta, Steve Sammartino - acclaimed author of The Great Fragmentation and expert on the digital revolution – shared his perspectives on how businesses should be considering this disruptive technology.

“Businesses should be asking themselves how we can reduce our costs and increase our margins by shipping information or rapid prototyping – how can we share our designs and ‘co-create’ with the audience, helping them become brand evangelists and marketers disseminating our products.

“You need to get involved and participate in the revolution and help shape it!” he exclaims.

Take the next step towards adoption of this exciting technology.

Konica Minolta is passionate about the future of 3D printing, and we are here to support and help shape your journey with this important innovation.


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