23 Jun 2021
Image: 57 hours of giving

Konica Minolta supports Breast Cancer Network Australia’s 57 Hours of Giving campaign

BCNA’s 57 Hours of Giving campaign is symbolic of the over 20,000 families touched by breast cancer everyday this year. For 57 hours Konica Minolta joined BCNA’s generous partners Estee Lauder Companies and Tontine in matching donations dollar for dollar to the $57k mark. In what was a sensational result, $59,742 was donated during the campaign and with matching from its partners, BCNA has added $116,742 to help fund its programs!

Stephanie’s heart sunk when she heard the news at just 22 years old that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. But it was telling her Dad that was the hardest part, because her family had seen what cancer had done to her Mum and they didn’t want to watch her go through the same thing.

Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) is here to be a calming presence for people like Stephanie who are worried and overwhelmed, and to help them access the best possible care and support during diagnosis, treatment and beyond.

“We are so pleased to help BCNA continue to provide the information, connection, and support for those affected by breast cancer and in particular their work in empowering the voices of those affected by breast cancer.” Gabrielle Stevens, Chief People & Culture Officer

The 57 Hours campaign was an important opportunity for BCNA to help raise much needed funds. You can still donate to the organisation by clicking any of the donation links on this page.

The impact of COVID- 19 on BCNA’s capacity to raise the funds necessary to support people diagnosed with breast cancer and their families, has been significant, with BCNA’s fundraising revenue down by a third in 2020. This means in 2021 BCNA are relying more than ever on the generosity of corporate sponsors and donors to help them meet the increasing demand for their services and support.

The additional services and resources provided since the start of the COVID19 epidemic have so far included:

  • extending BCNA’s helpline hours to seven days a week, as required
  • ensuring up to date, accurate accessible information is available on the My Journey online tool in a range of languages and media formats
  • producing a special “COVID-19" podcast series that is now a regular fortnightly podcast series Upfront About Breast Cancer. BCNA are taking their advice and support and delivering it to listeners over their smartphone or computer

While COVID-19 has increased the need for BCNA’s services and support, many of BCNA’s fundraising events and activities have had to be cancelled or postponed.

The 57 Hours campaign was an important opportunity for BCNA to help raise much needed funds. You can still donate to the organisation by clicking any of the donation links on this page

BCNA was founded by Lyn Swinburne whose vision was that no one should feel alone through their experience of breast cancer. In 2021 that vision continues to define the work of BCNA and the communities they support. BCNA's logo is the Pink Lady silhouette. This is symbolic of BCNA's focus on the people affected by breast cancer, not the disease. The Pink Lady represents the people diagnosed with breast cancer and all those around them. One of BCNA’s main priorities is to work with governments and health service providers to ensure that all Australians can get affordable access to the latest breast cancer treatment and care.

Konica Minolta have been proud supporters of BCNA since 2013 and support their annual fund-raising campaign, as well as employee matched giving, fundraising, volunteering and providing in-kind support.

More information about BCNA’s work can be found at

If you, or someone you know has been diagnosed with breast cancer, you can access the My Journey online tool at or contact the Helpline on 1800 500 258.

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