By Konica Minolta 19 Feb 2018

Konica Minolta Australia welcomes our first international intern

Konica Minolta Australia welcomes our first international intern Zunaica Phillips who is really excited to be part of the KM family in Australia!

"From day one of my studies the first and most important question that came to my mind was: what type of company do I see myself working at? It is quite crucial to (sooner rather than later) figure this out. During my second year we had to start applying for a 10 month internship which leads me to once again thinking about want do I want to learn during that period, what do I want to do, in which direction do I want to evolve in, with what kind of people do I want to work with and so forth.

I quickly figured out that I wanted the full experience of being part of an international company! I’m not talking about sending an email every now and then to colleagues abroad; I was imagining myself on a plane and having the full experience of an employee working for an international company.

I ended up having an interview at Konica Minolta Business Solutions the Netherlands. Lucky for me, it is also the type of company I see myself working at. Even better, I’ll get the chance to do tasks and assume responsibility over certain projects. And, the cherry on the cake… there is the possibility to go abroad. After the first interview, my only question was: where do I sign?

Not only did I ended up at a company where I learned a lot and truly felt like a colleague but, a few individuals have done everything they could to give me exactly the experience I wanted. As a result, I’m thrilled to have joined Konica Minolta in Australia this February. I’m grateful to everyone who were of great value to my learning experience at Konica Minolta in The Netherlands. In addition, those who saw my potential and helped make a student’s dream come true!

So… do you want to be part of a company that is passionate about its people, innovative and that has game-changing ideas?  Then I’ve got two words for you, Konica Minolta. " 

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