By Konica Minolta 24 Aug 2017

See how 3D Printing Technology help The University of Adelaide with rapid tooling



The Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing (IPAS), at the University of Adelaide purchased an Ultrasonic 5-Axis CNC Mill. During commissioning, an urgent need for a specialised tool was required to release the Collet from a taper - a 1mm flange was required to locate into a slot in a nut, that when loosened, ejected the Collet from the tool holder. Such a tool was not readily available. In this video, you will discover how the University of Adelaide has tackled this challenge with 3D Printing technology.


Technology/Application: ProX 200/Prototyping, Rapid Tooling

Solution: ProX 200 Metal printer. The new tool was printed in Titaniumin 1.25 hours. Within three hours, the Technicians were using the newly created tool.

Benefit: The ProX 200 Metal Printer has enabled the University of Adelaide to produce a tool, in this case a spanner that is lightweight, durable and of a quality that ensured no damage to the expensive Collet System. Additionally the tool and more wear and resistant when compared to steel that would be used in a work-bench environment.

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