13 Nov 2015

Konica Minolta Australia in top most engaging companies on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has ranked Konica Minolta Australia as one of the top most engaging companies on the online platform in 2015. The report measures the number of unique followers, interactions and job applications. Konica Minolta Australia was listed in the top 10 companies in the SMB segment.  

“This is a fabulous achievement for our business and confirms that our philosophy to be a company that cares about our people, our clients and the community totally works.  At Konica Minolta we have been focused on changing our company to be a great place to work.  

"Our company values are used as the litmus test when making decisions.  We recognise outstanding contribution based on how our people live our values. Our continuing investment in in-house learning expertise provides a diverse and thorough range of learning and development programs where our employees have access to developing their skills that enhance their success as individuals and professionals.”
, says Cindy Reid, Director of People and Culture, 

Another area we are very active in is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Konica Minolta’s Managing Director, Dr David Cooke recently explained at this year’s 2015 ADMA Global Forum, it has become increasingly important to be active in this area and become a huge factor on many levels when it comes to running a successful corporate business. 

Cooke says: “You can spend marketing dollars, HR development dollars, introduce programs, you can do all sorts of things to build staff loyalty, and engagement, customer satisfaction, all that kind of thing. But all I guess I’m really saying that in the mix of all the things you can spend money on as a corporation, don’t forget one very, very powerful strategy, which is forming partnerships with the not-for-profit sector.” 

As a result, our CSR strategy is very robust. We divide our attention into three areas; environmental responsibility, community engagement and ethical supply chain management.  We engage with the community by partnering with four employee-elected charity organisations and have lots happening with a number of other smaller charities by providing funding, equipment and professional expertise.  Our people have opportunities to make pre-tax contributions and volunteer with many charities.  We are also doing work on Ethical Supply Chain Management.  

Building on the company's strong CSR foundation, we are exploring different elements of responsible sourcing including policy, risk, and supplier engagement.  Konica Minolta is interested in embedding human rights considerations in all of our business decisions. The outcome of this will be an ethical sourcing strategy underpinned by Konica Minolta’s philosophy, the creation of new value. 

Gender equality is front of mind for us.  The technology industry needs to do more to create equal opportunities and pay to both genders and we are no different.  We have a gender equality committee that is sponsoring gender equality actions with an aim to become an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality next year. 

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*Talent Brand Engagement Number describes the unique count of people who are LinkedIn company followers, viewed or applied for jobs, and viewed the company or career page in the last 12 months. "Small and medium sized businesses" are all organisations with less than 500 employees.

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