By Konica Minolta 25 Feb 2022

The Physical Workplace of the Future

Join us as we examine the Physical Workplace of the Future.

We're all a product of our environment, and the physical environment of work can have a big impact on a sense of fulfilment in life.

Spurred on by alarming employee disengagement statistics, companies are re-thinking workplaces.

  • Learn about how companies are customising and tailoring solutions to suit their particular culture, people and day-to-day processes
  • Read about how the best innovators are thinking about the future in their physical workplace designs
  • Explore how to create environments that inspire staff to be innovative in their thinking
  • Discover some of the options available for "beyond the desk" - thinking about the physical environment of work outside the office 


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Digital technology has rapidly become an indispensable extension of how we engage, collaborate and co-operate with one another. Discover the what this means for the future of work.

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