By Konica Minolta 10 Jul 2017

Box Hill Institute

Multi-campus fleet solution, proactive valet service and maintenance, increased uptime

Box Hill Institute is an Australian registered training organisation (RTO) funded by the Australian government. Its qualifications, ranging from certificate-level and diplomas to associate, bachelor, and master degrees, are recognised throughout Australia and overseas. The Institute has anywhere between 40,000 and 60,000 students each year from a range of backgrounds. Box Hill Institute has three main campuses, with the Box Hill campus comprising three separate buildings. It also has campuses overseas.

The Challenge

  • +200 printers over geographically-dispersed sites 

  • Demand for high levels of device uptime and availability

  • IT burden with managing printing fleet

With geographically-dispersed campuses and buildings, and more than 200 printers, Box Hill Institute has relied on a valet service to manage and maintain its machines since the early 2000s. 

As a government-funded organisation, Box Hill Institute must put its valet services contract out to tender every four years. It was important that the winning vendor be able to provide a comprehensive valet service with the right machines at the right cost. 

John Morris, manager, BHI Digital Print Services, Elgar Campus, Box Hill Institute, said, “With so many printers spread out across the different campuses, we needed a vendor that could remove the burden of managing those printers. As well as keeping the printers filled with toner and paper, the valet service needed to maintain it and deal with any issues. That meant staff could simply do their jobs, knowing that the printers would be available for them when needed.”

The Solution

  • Comprehensive valet service  

  • Streamlined fleet management 

  • Rapid response onsite service

After working with Konica Minolta for 12 years, Box Hill Institute had to put the valet service out to tender again, as it had done every four years previously. Once again, Konica Minolta was selected to provide the valet service delivered as one of the services within its extensive managed print services portfolio. 

The service includes a number of functions such as: identifying potential problems before they arise through a proactive service and maintenance program; minimising device downtime by maintaining an appropriate on-site parts and consumables inventory; diagnosing and correcting common image quality problems; calling in additional technicians as required; and providing adhoc or scheduled training so staff and students can maximise the benefits of the Konia Minolta printing solution. 

John Morris said, “Box Hill Institute chose Konica Minolta because of our confidence in the Konica Minolta offering. Not much goes wrong with the devices but, if it does, Konica Minolta isn’t interested in trying to blame anyone else; the team simply finds the best solution as quickly as possible so we can get back up and running. That gives us confidence that they can deliver.”

The Benefits

  • Reduced disruption and downtime 

  • More confidence in printer availability 

  • Optimum device utilisation without any IT burden

Box Hill Institute experiences increased uptime due to the valet service, since the valet checks each machine’s status and replenishes consumables or deals with issues proactively.

John Morris said, “Having the valet to ensure the fleet performs and is maintained means we don’t experience much disruption because issues are dealt with quickly and in the background. Because the IT team doesn’t have to get involved, this has cut down on their workload while ensuring all our users get a streamlined, reliable experience insofar as using the printers.”

The Konica Minolta valet attends 10 sites across Box Hill Institute’s campuses, visiting each machine according to a pre-determined schedule to give them the attention they need. High-volume machines are visited daily. 

John Morris said, “The Konica Minolta valet service has been in place so long and running so smoothly that we take it for granted. If there’s a problem we ring the valet and he looks at it straightaway. There’s no delay while we wait for a technician to come out because the valet is always somewhere on campus. 

“The overall result is an excellent user experience without anyone from the Box Hill Institute’s IT team having to step in and manage the printer fleet. It just works as it should so everyone else can get on with doing their job, whether that’s teaching and learning or adding value elsewhere.” 

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