By Konica Minolta 23 Feb 2015

Century Yuasa Batteries

Century Yuasa Batteries energised after reducing print costs by 73% in first three months

Snapshot Overview

Century Yuasa is Australia’s oldest and most recognised battery manufacturer and supplier, with a proud history of producing batteries since 1928.

They operate an Australian manufacturing facility in Queensland as well as state-based distribution centres and regional agencies and employ more than 650 people across research and development, manufacturing, sales and distribution.

The Challenge

When their current fleet of print and scanning devices came up for renewal, Century Yuasa took the opportunity to seek a partner that could share and contribute to their vision for the future.

“Putting ink on paper doesn’t sell us batteries. Printing is expensive, and paper is difficult to look after. Scanning, archiving, tracking and logging digitised documents are so much more attractive,” commented Shawn Hardie, IT Manager, Century Yuasa Batteries.

The Solution

Konica Minolta did a thorough assessment of the company’s needs, and rationalized Century Yuasa’s fleet by almost half, replacing a costly and inefficient range of devices with high quality, state-of-the-art multifunction A3 MFPs featuring high speed and dual sided scanning. In addition, they introduced a sophisticated print management solution and advanced Optimised Print Services.

Century Yuasa were impressed with the value of the information readily available through the print management software. With a better view of print usage by both end users and IT, the instances where printing practices could be improved were easily identified and addressed. And, with authenticated release, paper wastage was dramatically reduced, and security tightened.

The advanced Optimised Print Services now automates Century Yuasa’s meter readings and delivers their consumables as and when required, which has greatly reduced the burden of work for IT and admin staff.

“It’s set and forget; so simple,” said Shawn.


Through more cost efficient devices, effective use of print management software and Optimised Print Services, Century Yuasa’s print and leasing costs were reduced by an impressive 73% in the first three months.

“The immediate and dramatic reduction in costs has been satisfying to see. And, we know we can continue to see savings as people are more aware and accountable for what they print.

“It’s great to see what a difference we’ve already made, but it’s just the beginning. Our aim is to reduce our use of paper even more with a scanning and OCR solution which is integrated into our ERP. With Konica Minolta, we’ve taken an important first step, and we look forward to working together on our vision for a more advanced print and document management solution, delivering even greater benefits for the company,” concludes Shawn.


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