By Konica Minolta 15 May 2017

Designline Graphics

Business analysis, personalised recommendation, future-proof solution

Designline Graphics (Designline) is a Brisbane based full service design and print provider. The organisation combines state-of-the-art print machinery with an in-house graphic design studio, web and digital facilities to give customer a high-quality, efficient and innovative experience. Designline offers everything from large format printing and brochures to booklets and business cards, usually within 24 hours.

The Challenge

  • Existing overflow partner unable to support growing customer base

  • Poor overflow support meant limited capacity to handle demand spikes

  • Forced to find additional printing capacity at significant extra costs

Designline previously used different printing equipment from a single print partner. However, when their business experienced significant growth, the printer could not handle the increased demand. The printer also could not offer an adequate upgrade path, forcing Designline to go to market to find new options.

Without a suitable upgrade path, Designline faced significant additional costs not just from having to purchase printers but also from the need to extend more power to the business premises.

Designline also required a solution that offered finishing capabilities like booklet-making, scoring, perforating, perfect binding, trimming and folding. If it could eliminate the need to outsource any part of this process then it would have total control over its print timings, costs and quality.

The Solution

  • Easy access to extra capacity that scales effortlessly

  • Affordable upgrade path tailored to growing customer demands

Konica Minolta didn’t approach the challenge from a product-first perspective. Instead, they reviewed the business and helped forecast future customer needs. Only then did they suggest a tailored solution to ensure Designline was ready and future-proof.

Since Designline required more capacity and reliability, Konica Minolta reviewed the organisation’s volume and type of work to determine the optimum mix of equipment and services.

The Benefits

  • Increased confidence to meet customer needs

  • Improved customer experience through better production management

  • Competitive production costs during spiked customer demand

The key benefit is the confidence of being able to promise job completion times to customers, and keep them.

Jamie Hames said, “A combination of 3 machines gives us the flexibility and redundancy we need, as well as the speed and volume that lets us give customers a better service.”

“This solution has future-proofed Designline’s business. We’ve tripled our growth in nearly 12 months and I would estimate we’re still only at 60% capacity, so there’s still room for growth. We didn’t know at the time but choosing Konica Minolta was the best decision we ever made.”

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