29 Jul 2019
John XXIII College achieves cost savings and brings printing in-house

John XXIII College

Customer Success Story

John XXIII College achieves cost savings and brings printing in-house

John XXIII College is an inclusive co-educational community where students grow to become men and women for others. Integrity, intellect and personal faith are the heartbeat of this contemporary Catholic College. Its universityinspired campus in Mount Claremont, Western Australia, is home to students from pre-Kindergarten to Year 12. The John XXIII College community shares, celebrates, and serves with compassion. At John XXIII College, every student is challenged and supported to achieve academic and personal excellence.

Overall, the relationship with Konica Minolta is exceptional. Since the implementation, Konica Minolta has stayed in touch with regular outreach and excellent customer service. The team is always helping the College get what we need, even for outof-the-box requests like facilitating paper supplier relationships.
Yugon Chobanoff, ICT Operations Manager

The Challenge

  • Upgrade printer fleet
  • Reduce costs and streamline workflows
  • Add value to the printing process

John XXIII College was ready to upgrade its printer fleet and needed machines with strong software integration to enable scanning workflows and the ability to edit forms. The College was keen to progress beyond the previous solution with a desire to increase functionality and flexibility.

Given its dated fleet, the College wasn’t coping with modern printing requirements of staff and students. John XXIII College has a dedicated print hub that required productioncapable machines. Because the existing machines were low specification, the College often had to outsource jobs, which created additional costs and inefficiencies.

Yugon Chobanoff, ICT Operations Manager, John XXIII College, said, “As well as printing subject related materials for staff and students, the College also needed to print marketing materials such as parent communications, flyers, and more. Sending these jobs to an external print company was costly, so in collaboration with Lisa Martella, Manager - Marketing and Communications, an inquiry was conducted to see whether these jobs could be produced in-house. Furthermore, the College wanted to investigate the possibility of printing letterhead on demand rather than having letterhead professional printed externally.”

John XXIII College had a disparate printer fleet consisting of 25 multifunction devices (MFDs) with multiple laser printers scattered throughout their offices. There was no consistent quality on the machines because they were all different, and the fleet was fragmented and costly to manage. John XXIII College needed advice on how to consolidate its fleet to save costs, improve output, and improve efficiency.

The Solution

  • 25 x A3 MFDs
  • 16 x A4 Printers
  • 8 x A4 MFP (multifunction printers)
  • AccurioPress C3080
  • YSoft SafeQ 6 Enterprise Suite
  • YSoft be3D eDee
  • EBA guillotine
  • Konica Minolta installation and professional services

John XXIII College had been impressed with Konica Minolta through a previous tender process in which a different vendor was chosen. In the intervening years, the Konica Minolta team had kept in close contact with the College and this relationship was leveraged when it came time to upgrade.

Yugon Chobanoff said, “Konica Minolta was always the most well-versed vendor with the best attention to detail. Though the College chose a different vendor in the previous tender, this time around, it was clear that Konica Minolta had a much better understanding of the College’s needs and the right solution, so it made sense to choose Konica Minolta.”

The College upgraded to a fleet of Konica Minolta equipment including: 25 A3 MFDs, 16 A4 printers, and eight A4 multifunction printers with the YSoft SafeQ 6 Enterprise Suite. In the print hub, Konica Minolta advised the College to replace its two incumbent printers with one Konica Minolta AccurioPress C3080. Rounding out the fleet is a YSoft be3D eDee 3D printer.

Yugon Chobanoff said, “The rollout was done in record time over a holiday break and it was one of the best rollouts ever experienced by the College. The Konica Minolta solutions experts were great and the rollout was flawless.”

As part of the solution, Konica Minolta recommended John XXIII College implement YSoft SafeQ print management platform to centralise print management, increase document security, and improve workflow productivity.

Yugon Chobanoff said, “The Y Soft platform is clearly ahead of other solutions used in schools. This was a gamechanger for the College; it delivered exactly what we needed in one solution. It was seamlessly up and running from day one. Konica Minolta advised that it could work with the incumbent platform but recommended the College consider Y Soft. This recommendation proved to be extremely helpful.”

Customer benefits

  • Consolidated printer fleet for cost savings and increased efficiency
  • Improved printer quality in print hub for professional output, reducing reliance on external printers
  • Better workflows and software integration

One of the biggest areas of success since rolling out the Konica Minolta printer fleet is the print hub. When Konica Minolta identified that the incumbent machines weren’t production machines, it identified that John XXIII College had a huge opportunity to turn the print hub into a real cost saver for the College.

Yugon Chobanoff said, “Konica Minolta identified that there was a lot more the College could be doing in the print hub with a more capable print machine. This was the first time in a print tender where a company has provided a recommendation for something the College can actually grow and mature in.

“The production-spec AccurioPress C3080 has proven valuable, with many of the jobs that previously needed to be outsourced now being managed in-house with even better output.”

John XXIII College can now print anything from business cards to posters with a professional quality print finish. This means the College doesn’t have to rely on external printers to the same extent, which has saved on costs. The addition of a professional guillotine in the print hub means that jobs that previously took one day can now be done in one hour.

This capability has created the potential for John XXIII College to act as a print hub for less well-resourced schools. The College is investigating the use of Konica Minolta AccurioFlux to provide an online ordering capability for other schools in the future.

Yugon Chobanoff said, “Another way Konica Minolta has helped the College is to consolidate the printer fleet. The team examined the College’s print appetite and addressed areas such as the need for high volume printers in certain places. Or in areas such as the Deputy Principal’s office, where highly-sensitive information is printed, Konica Minolta was able to consolidate the laser printer fleet onto a standardised Konica Minolta device. This overcame the fragmented nature of the fleet, again saving on costs and time. All printers are covered by a maintenance support agreement with Konica Minolta so, if anything needs to be fixed, it’s a matter of making one phone call.”

Improved servicing is a key feature of the John XXIII College’s relationship with Konica Minolta.

Yugon Chobanoff said, “Servicing used to take a long time and be very complex. The Konica Minolta offering is more modular, which makes servicing simple and easy. This is a well-noticed improvement.

“Overall, the relationship with Konica Minolta is exceptional. Since the implementation, Konica Minolta has stayed in touch with regular outreach and excellent customer service. The team is always helping the College get what we need, even for out-of-thebox requests like facilitating paper supplier relationships.”

Christiane Borraccino, printing officer, John XXIII College, said, “Increased speed combined with greater reliability have made my work easier even though I have gone from two machines to only one. Paper jams are rare. Print quality is outstanding and technical service and follow-up is fast and efficient; technicians arrive within hours rather than days.”

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