By Konica Minolta 05 Feb 2021
Konica Minolta cements strong partnership with Print Junction

Customer Success Story: Print Junction

Konica Minolta cements strong partnership with Print Junction

Print Junction is an Indigenous-owned, familyoperated printing business established in Wingfield, north of Adelaide, in 1997 by husbandand-wife team, Leon and Sheila Torzyn. Sheila is a proud Narungga woman from the Point Pearce community. Print Junction is a general print shop offering digital, offset, and wide-format capabilities catering mostly to small and medium enterprises with relatively small print runs in which quality and speed are paramount. A Supply Nation-certified business, Print Junction has standardised on Konica Minolta equipment.

The Challenge

  • Needed to expand digital printing capabilities while maintaining offset capabilities
  • Needed to add wide-format printing capabilities
  • Required a trust-based relationship with a collaborative vendor

In 2003, Print Junction was ready to emerge from the entry point of digital printing into a more serious digital printing press. Its existing press was mid-level and it was looking for a vendor that could act as a trusted partner and advisor, as well as provide topnotch presses.

Leon Torzyn, owner, Print Junction, said, “We went to some of the Konica Minolta demonstration nights, saw the equipment at various expos, and contacted other print shops to get an idea of whether the equipment would be right for Print Junction. It was important to form a relationship with a vendor that wouldn’t do a hard-sell; we just wanted the equipment that was right for our business without being pushed into paying more for technology we didn’t need.”

The Konica Minolta team took the time to get to know Print Junction as a business including its current status and future aspirations. The team then recommended the most appropriate and suitable equipment to help Print Junction achieve its goals.

The Solution

  • AccurioPress C3080 with SD-513 (current)
  • AccurioPress C2060 (current)
  • bizhub PRESS C1070 (2014)
  • bizhub PRO C1060L (2014)
  • bizhub PRESS C7000 (2011)
  • bizhub PRESS C6501 (2009)

Konica Minolta initially provided Print Junction with a bizhub PRESS C6501 in 2009, helping it expand and improve its digital offering. As of 2021, Print Junction has had many generations of Konica Minolta presses, leapfrogging the technology each time.

Leon Torzyn said, “The first machine we got from Konica Minolta performed as expected, so when it was time to expand and move forward, we chose the next model up. Each time we have upgraded, we’ve expanded on what the machinery could offer. That has included more features, faster performance, better toner, better presentation, and technology that has let Print Junction attract and retain new customers. By not changing the machines all at once but, rather, replacing the oldest machine first, we’ve been able to realise significant technology gains.

“Konica Minolta is also very proactive in helping Print Junction get new equipment sooner than we might otherwise have done by facilitating early changeovers.”

Konica Minolta works closely with Print Junction to overcome any issues the business may have when printing jobs. Often, the Print Junction team will bring a problematic job to the Konica Minolta showroom where the two teams will figure out a solution together. Print Junction then has the option to finish printing the job at the Konica Minolta showroom or to take the learnings back and apply them to their own presses. Leon Torzyn said, “We run through what settings we can tweak, how to run the press smarter, and how to improve the way we manage print jobs. The relationship has grown to be extremely close. It’s much more of a partnership than a vendor relationship.”

Customer Benefits

  • Strong relationship and ability to get the right equipment for the business
  • Ability to upgrade equipment as needed to expand services
  • Collaborative approach to problem-solving
  • Exceptional service helps ensure jobs are always completed on time to a high standard
  • Improved print output quality and customer satisfaction
  • Working with a supplier with aligned values around Reconciliation

Since commencing its relationship with Konica Minolta, Print Junction has been able to expand its business. No longer outsourcing digital printing jobs, Print Junction can now manage its work in-house with the confidence that Konica Minolta will be there to back up the team if required.

Leon Torzyn said, “The support is exceptional. Sometimes we’ve had two or three technicians in here at the same time, working together to find out why something isn’t working properly or why there’s a mark on the paper or whatever the issue may be. Konica Minolta does a lot for Print Junction and that’s a mark of the quality relationship we’ve built over the years.”

Konica Minolta has recently begun developing its Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), which is a formal strategic plan outlining the actions it will take to support reconciliation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples both internally and in the communities it operates in.

Leon Torzyn said, “It’s important for Print Junction to work with suppliers that have a culture of supporting Indigenous businesses. As an Indigenous business, we wouldn’t turn our back on a supplier that doesn’t have a RAP but knowing that Konica Minolta is committed to reconciliation helps us complete the chain. As an Indigenous business, it’s desirable to buy from organisations that support Indigenous businesses in their own supply chain.

“Konica Minolta is one of the world’s leading printing press vendors. The team openly discusses upcoming innovations with the Print Junction team, giving us confidence that Konica Minolta will continue to support our business in the future. There’s always good discussion, collaboration, and rapport, even through personnel changes. The advice Konica Minolta provides is excellent and the proof is in the pudding; we get lots of compliments on the quality of our work and customers love it.

“Importantly, Konica Minolta understands the philosophy of working with Indigenous businesses and that is the final link in the chain for us. The Konica Minolta team openly discusses upcoming innovations with Print Junction, giving us confidence that they will continue to support our business into the future.”

“It’s important to work with suppliers that have a culture of supporting Indigenous businesses. As an Indigenous business, we wouldn’t turn our back on a supplier that doesn’t have a RAP but knowing that Konica Minolta is committed to reconciliation helps us complete the chain.”
Leon Torzyn, Owner, Print Junction

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