By Konica Minolta 11 May 2015

Santa Maria College

Santa Maria College’s card solution cuts into print costs

Snapshot Overview


  • Santa Maria College wanted to track and allocate its print costs
  • Required a print management solution that could integrate with its existing mobile card system


  • A print management solution (Papercut), optical character recognition software (i2Scan), pull printing and Konica Minolta’s Optimised Print Services
  • 24 multifunction devices and one production printer
  • Customer benefits
  • Cost reduction and cost control with Papercut, i2Scan and pull printing solutions
  • Improved reliability and a reduction in waste
  • Streamlined efficiencies with OPS Advanced Monitoring


Santa Maria College’s card solution

Established in 1938, Santa Maria College is one of the top secondary colleges in Western Australia. It has doubled in size in the last decade and today welcomes 1270 students, including 152 boarders.

Consistently in the top 10 performing schools for the region, the College ensures it keeps completely up to date with technology to support its program of excellence in education. It’s been a 1:1 lap-top school for the past five years and is rated by Apple as ‘distinguished’ in its use of personal technology. Its wireless campus has also been highly rated by Cisco as an exemplar school.

The college has a transport card system for all its students. The cards are in constant use because they allow students to travel by bus, use the library and to pay for food and photocopying on campus. However, until last year, students were not able to add their print costs to the multi-purpose card.

The Challenge

In 2014, Santa Maria College Business Manager, Jim Watkins, decided to find a print management solution that would integrate with the cards. He wanted to include printing charges with the other pre-paid card services in order to monitor print costs and adopt best practice. He explains:

“As time went by we knew we were certainly not printing less. So, last year, it did become a priority for us to start tracking more accurate printing usage and costs across students and departments. We really wanted to find a print management solution that would integrate with our existing card system” 

The college was looking for greater workplace efficiency and cost control; they were particularly looking for a solution that could accurately report the print usage of each department so that department heads could identify further cost savings over time.


Konica Minolta provided the college with a range of solutions and services to help manage their print environment. Primarily this solution included PaperCut, a pay-for-print cost management solution which could integrate with the college’s existing print swipe card. The solution also comprised optical character recognition software (i2Scan) for better document management, pull printing and remote device monitoring with automated toner ordering (Konica Minolta’s OPS Advanced Monitoring).

Jim Watkins comments: “The Pull Printing* solution has really improved workplace efficiency, encouraging more responsible print behaviour among our staff and students.

It is complemented by the pay-for-print management software, PaperCut, which we chose to track printing and reduce waste, saving us money. Both are really good products. We have found the accuracy of the data recorded really useful. In fact, most staff and departments were shocked when they started monitoring their real spend in this area. The combined solution has significantly lowered print volumes and delivered cost savings to the college.”

Mark Henderson, Konica Minolta Business Development Manager, commented: “The solutions we have supplied to Santa Maria College have been tailored to their needs. PaperCut offers cost control for staff and students and the AirPrint solution we provided allowed all school stakeholders to print via a wireless connection with laptops, tablets etc.”

At the same time as the college adopted the new, improved print management, they felt a hardware upgrade was timely and again they chose our demonstrably reliable devices. They installed a range of monochrome and colour MFDs (24 in total) and one production printer.”

Next Steps

The next phase of the complete IT solution may be the adoption of Filebound software which will complement the optical character recognition solution installed last year (i2scan).

i2scan enables batch scanning. It makes large volumes of scanning easy and also routes files for automatic storage. Already, as part of the print management solution installed in 2014, it has enabled the college to seamlessly import large volumes of documents in one go and has sped up the ongoing data storage process.

By gradually moving all documents to digital copy, the college is reducing the potential for lost information and improving the ease of document retrieval.

The Result

Since the instalment of Konica Minolta’s integrated business solution Santa Maria College has seen significant results in cost control, cost reduction, a reduction in paper wastage and have streamlined efficiencies.

*Pull Printing is a solution which gives you the freedom to print your jobs from any networked device.

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