By Konica Minolta 23 Mar 2017

Stepping Stone Clubhouse

Scalable service, competitive pricing and 24/7 technical support

Stepping Stone Clubhouse exists to help adults with a mental illness develop the skills and confidence necessary to live satisfying and productive lives in the community. Stepping Stone Clubhouse is a not-for-profit organisation that engages members in every aspect of its operation, valuing and encouraging the skills, talents and creative ideas of all members. With over 300 Clubhouses around the world, the program empowers and supports its members through a community of people working towards a common goal.

The Challenge

  • Locked into an expensive, inflexible print contract
  • Charged extra fees in addition to contracted rates
  • Under-serviced for basic support by unavailable staff

Stepping Stone Clubhouse has a range of printing needs, from newsletters that report on monthly activities to promotional material. The organisation prints brochures and training materials. Members deliver presentations at hospitals, mental health services and doctors’ surgeries on a regular basis.

Stepping Stone Clubhouse was locked into an inflexible printer contract that was costing more than the organisation had originally anticipated.

Brad Martens, executive director of Stepping Stone Clubhouse, said, “as a not-for-profit organisation, Stepping Stone Clubhouse needs to manage costs tightly. Yet we felt we were being overcharged for paper at 25 cents per sheet and we were also being charged in addition to the costs specified in the contract.

The Solution

  • Significantly reduced print costs
  • Competitive contract with no surprises
  • Immediate access to technical staff

Brad Martens, Executive Director, said, “we were initially won over by the incredibly competitive price. In addition, we were happy with the people we were dealing with at Konica Minolta. 

It was a good relationship from the beginning and there was no nonsense. Konica Minolta did exactly what they said they’d do. There were no hidden costs or any other agenda. We appreciated that, especially after our most recent experience.” 

Additionally, Konica Minolta committed to a guaranteed service response of two hours between 7am and 7pm daily. The financial model was simplified to give value and confidence that Stepping Stone Clubhouse would no longer exceed its budget. 

Konica Minolta provided a bizhub PRESS C1060 colour production solution to enable high-quality, consistent output with high reliability and professional features.

Customer Benefits

  • Scalable print solutions geared for growth
  • Predictable costs with no surprises
  • Always-available expert support

Reduced costs and dramatically improved customer service are the two key benefits for Stepping Stone Clubhouse.

Brad Martens said, “Stepping Stone Clubhouse is now in a working relationship with a company (Konica Minolta) that’s happy to help us with any issues that come along. This gives us peace of mind so we can concentrate on the work we do here to help people, rather than spending valuable time following up on printer-related issues when the team is already time-poor. 

“The costs we incur now have definitely gone down significantly, especially in terms of paper usage and technician call-out fees. Importantly, the service is fantastic and the team is clearly extremely competent. This has been an important benefit for us because we need the printer to just work - and it does.

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